Finnish nature

Finland is a natural paradise of thousands of lakes and islands. Fresh air is something that you probably start taking for granted once you live there and there is no such concept of pollution inside the city. This is also due to the fact that Finns are among the most eco friendly citizens and they are always very considerate about the environment. Something that you will notice in Finland is that everyone, from young children to seniors, enjoys riding the bike daily, wherever they go. The Netherlands might be the place for bikers, but Finland is not far either.

Nature seems to also be the best partner for practicing sport activities. As water sports enthusiasts, Finns definitely know how to take advantage of all the water around them and often practice wind surfing, kayaking, sailing, rowing, stand up paddling and swimming as well, even in the icy water.

Another proof of love for nature is all the summer cottages that are scattered around the islands, where Finns can isolate themselves from the stress of the city life and spend days in the company of their friends and family, barbeque, lake and, the most important item, sauna.