Streets of Paris

The streets of Paris are as bohemian as you might imagine. Filled with crepes places and cozy delicious restaurants, fashion boutiques and flagship stores, they offer to its travelers a unique atmosphere of flavors and indulgence.

Once you walk the long street of Champs-Elysées from Arc de Triomphe, you will end up in the gorgeous gardens of Tuileries. Since you might be quite tired from the long walk, Jardin de Tuileries is the perfect place to eat an icecream and take a breath with an outstanding view. There is a wide row of chairs that face Champs-Elysées and you can see in the distance the unique shape of Eiffel tower.

The best way to go around the streets of Paris and explore all of its beauties is definitely by bike. Instead of going underground and missing the beauties that the city can offer, you can easily and affordably rent a two-wheeler and explore the city biking around.

Paris has a great system in what concerns transportation by bike. The service is called Velib and you can find a bike station at literally almost every corner. Since the first hour is free to use, what you can do to save money is ride a bike for less than one hour, return it to a station point and get another one for the next one hour. Just make sure you have your credit card with you for the deposit.