Heaven on Earth: Rosendal’s Garden

Rosendals Trädgård is a garden open to the public situated on Djurgården, west of Rosendal Palace, in the central part of Stockholm, Sweden.

Once you enter the green space you feel that you just died and went to heaven. That was the first thought I got when I saw the beauty of the place: intense green, with tables in the middle of the orchard, with untouched red apples fallen on the ground, with kids playing and running around and with a fresh smell of baked cookies.

The garden is quite a long, but beautiful walk from the old town, but it’s definitely worth the visit. I would say that the attraction is a must see in Stockholm as it offers to its visitors a unique landscape where you can spend your Sunday in a charming and relaxing way. You can find there freshly backed cakes, coffee, wine, you can buy organic vegetables, as well as pick your own organic flowers. The day can easily slip away once you are caught in the beauty of the garden and you just don’t feel like leaving it.