Beaches in Santorini

The best way to go around Santorini island and to visit all its beaches is by a two-wheeler. All you need is a valid driving license and a few euros; the owners won’t bother that much to go into many details as long as you pay the fare and return the vehicle to the parking lot; simple as that.

Once you get the ATV, scooter, or even a car, you can drive around the island and visit the main beaches, which are not far from each other, as most of them are located on the south part of the island. The must see beaches are definitely the White beach and the Red beach. You will probably start from the red beach where you have easy access by road. The scenery you will find there is breathtaking. But don’t stop there. There are boats that take you from the Red beach to the White beach in a 5min trip for a fair amount of money. The White beach seems like a forgotten little paradise, where the beach is a short stripe of white rocks and the water is clear and shallow for some meters. There are some caves surrounding the spot, which gives even a more sceneric view of the place. The spot is perfect for snorkeling.

Once you have enjoyed the water at the White and Red beach, you can continue down south to Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari. These 3 beaches are a mix of pebbles and black sand, which gives a different glow to them. Perissa is a continuation of the long Perivolos and they have along the shore restaurants, shops and taverns. Kamari is a mountain away from Perissa. The mountain, which is shelters Ancient Thira, is separating the two beaches and it makes it quite difficult to travel by car between the two. The best way to go around the mountain is, you guessed, by boat. It takes a few minutes only.